4 Ways To Portion Control Your Catered Event

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When it comes to catering an event, it can be stressful, especially since you want to be sure that nothing that you pay for goes to waste. It can sometimes feel impossible to determine how much food and drinks you actually need. However, there are a few tips to use when it comes to using portion control when catering. Here are a few that can help you: Use the Averages: When you are catering an event, use all of the averages to determine how many guests you should be planning on having in attendance. First off, take the number of guests that have RSVP’d and use the averages to determine how many will actually show up. Also, take into account whether or not you are hosting your event on a weekend or weekday, which can make a difference in the amount of people that actually show. On top of that, be sure that you understand that more guests will show up if the guests had to pay for tickets to get in. Cut Back on Breakfast Foods: If you are hosting your event in the morning, keep in mind that many people are aware and cautious of their intake of carbs and excess calories in the morning. This means you should cut back on the amount of pastries that you have and instead fill up on the coffee, tea, and other beverages. Besides, before leaving the house, many people eat breakfast, which means their appetite won’t be that heavy anyway.  Plated is Actually More Affordable: Many people believe that buffets are more affordable than having plated meals. However, this actually isn’t the case. When it comes to serving a buffet, more food is prepared since portions aren’t taken into consideration, which then leads to a great deal of waste. Limit the Bar Service: If you are going to have drinking at your event, you may have a difficult time determining whether or not you should have an open bar. Usually, the best option, especially if you are on a tight budget is to have a ticket system. This is where you give each guest a ticket or two for a free drink. After that, the guests will pay for their own drinks if they want more. By ensuring that you take precautions when it comes to catering your event, you will not only save money, but cut out on waste as...

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Questions About Thai Food You May Need Answered

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Thai food has emerged as a popular cuisine in many large and medium sized cities. However, there are still millions of people that have never had the pleasure of eating thai dishes. As a result, they may not be very familiar with this type of cuisine, and this may mean they need a couple of questions answered. After learning the answers to these commonly asked questions about Thai cuisine, you may decide to give this type of food a try the next time you go out to eat.  Is Thai Food Always Spicy? When many people think of Thai food, they assume that it is always going to be very spicy, and this may deter some individuals from trying it. While it is true that there are many dishes that heavily rely on spicy elements, it is possible to get meals that are not spicy. Typically, there are many cream based dishes in most Thai restaurants, and this option can help ensure that there is something on the menu for everyone’s unique taste preferences.  In order to make it easy for individuals to understand what they will be getting. Many restaurants will include on the menu if the dish is particular spicy. This is most often in the form of a written warning or a symbol of some kind. Always look for these warnings before choosing a dish if you are wanting to avoid eating something overly spicy.  Is Thai Food Healthy? Some people are under the impression that Thai food is not particularly healthy, but this is far from the truth. If the dishes are prepared using authentic cooking techniques, they are actually quite healthy. This is because these dishes are typically low in oils, fats and sugars.  Due to these factors, Thai food is an excellent option for those that are attempting to lose weight through dieting, and individuals suffering from certain chronic medical conditions. In addition to these benefits, this type of food relies heavily on vegetables, and this makes it an excellent source of fiber.  Many communities have seen a relatively large increase in the number of Thai restaurants in the city, and this should not be surprising given the exceptional variety of flavors and textures that individuals can find in these eating establishments. After learning the answers to these two common questions about Thai restaurants, you may decide that this is the perfect option for the next time you want to eat out.  For more information, visit restaurants like Noodle Cart Thai...

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