Personal-Sized Grilled Mexican Pizza: The Best Summer Grilling Recipe Ever

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This delicious and unique pizza recipe combines ingredients from your favorite Mexican dishes with the smoky flavor of the grill, all uniquely presented in pizza form. If you’re making your dough from scratch, this process can take an hour and a half or more (depending on how long it takes you to prepare ingredients at each step), but it’s worth it. You’ll see why when you’re taking your first bite of smoky, spicy grilled pizza. Gather the Ingredients For this recipe, you’ll need your own standard pizza dough recipe, and the following toppings: Refried beans Shredded cheddar cheese Corn cut from the cob (preferably grilled corn) Sliced avocado Chopped fresh cilantro Salsa As you gather the ingredients, turn on your oven to 475 degrees, and start your grill on a medium heat. Bake the Dough Flatten your pizza dough into a 6- or 7-inch individual-sized pizza. Make one pizza for each person eating the meal. You’re going to par-bake the dough before putting it on the grill. This means that you’ll bake it until it’s not quite done, but doesn’t require much more baking to finish the job. For many recipes, baking the dough at 475 degrees for about 5 minutes is good enough. The crust should not be brown on the outside, but should be hard enough to support toppings when they’re added in the next step. Grill the Dough Take the par-baked crusts out to the grill and put each crust over the flames for just long enough to imprint the crust with lines from the hot grilling surface. Flip the dough once and imprint lines on the other side, then take the dough indoors to assemble the pizzas. Assemble the Pizza Assemble the toppings on the par-baked dough in the following order: Refried beans (in place of sauce) Corn Sliced avocado Chopped cilantro Shredded cheddar Grill the Pizzas Take the assembled pizzas out to the grill. If you’re using a charcoal grill, drizzle olive oil over the smoldering briquettes to produce smoke and a little flame. Next, put the pizzas in an area close to the briquettes, but not directly over the hottest parts of the fire. Leave the pizzas there for a short time, then move them to the next highest level of the grill (if there is one) and shut the lid. Enclosing the pizzas in the grill will allow the smoky flavor to become absorbed into the cheese and the crust. Check on the pizzas periodically and remove them when the cheese is completely melted and the bottom of the crust is dark brown. Top the pizzas with more chopped cilantro and a dollop of salsa. Know When to Take the Easy Way Out This...

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Greek Style Pizza: Not Your Traditional Pie

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Most people are familiar with the favorite traditional pizza, slathered in marinara sauce, covered in gooey cheese, and topped with delicious toppings like pepperoni or mushrooms. The Greeks have their own version of this all time favorite dish, and while it’s very similar to a regular pizza, it has some very distinguishing characteristics of its own. Here’s some more information about Greek style pizza and what makes it so special. Toppings While some of the toppings you will find on a Greek pizza are somewhat traditional, these ingredients are specifically Mediterranean in flavor and have a delicious Greek flair all their own. Some examples of what you will find on these pizzas are salty Kalamata olives, feta cheese, gyro meat such as lamb, sliced tomatoes, and onions. Another distinguishing feature of Greek pizza is that in most cases, there is no tomato sauce on the crust. Instead, it is usually brushed with olive oil and maybe sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. This allows the main toppings to really shine through and highlights their taste.  Crust A Greek pizza’s crust is made in a very different way than many other pizzas. The crust is usually baked in a pan rather than right on the bricks inside a brick oven or directly on an oven rack. The crust itself is baked in a shallower pan than you might find in a deep dish Chicago style pizza crust. The pan is coated heavily with olive oil and comes out of the oven very chewy and more closely resembles bread. It’s a bit oily, but this actually helps to enhance the pizza’s overall flavor. If sauce is added to the crust, it’s usually comprised of crushed tomatoes with plenty of chopped oregano. While some Greek pizzas will have cheese on top other than feta, it’s usually a cheddar and mozzarella blend.  Making Your Own You can make your very own Greek pizza at home using simple ingredients. For the crust, simply mix flour, salt, dry yeast and olive oil together until it forms a dough. Let it rise and then bake it in a shallow pan coated with olive oil for about fifteen minutes at 375 degrees. You can add almost any topping you like including crushed tomatoes, crumbled feta, spinach, and a combination of black and Kalamata olives. You will be pleasantly surprised at the new and exciting difference in flavor that Greek style pizza has to offer. For more information about pizza, contact Il Greco or a similar...

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Pizza Party Etiquette Tips For A Large Group

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If you are the coach of a kid’s team, and the season is coming to an end, you may want to do something fun to celebrate and say farewell to great teammates. Consider hosting a pizza party at your favorite pizza establishment to celebrate the accomplishments your team has done for the season. Here are a few tips for you to use to make sure your party goes off without any problems, with the pizza establishment in mind, allowing your team to have a festive time while enjoying a favorite meal: Make Advance Reservations Although you could probably walk in the door and get seating for a large group, it’s best to make advance reservations. Many pizza establishments will have a private room or secluded area in their restaurant, giving your group some privacy while allowing you to enjoy the time you are spending together without disturbing other customers.  Call and ask if there are any specials available for larger groups and see if there is a time preference for the best service. Setting the time before or after normal dinner hours will allow the pizza place to cater to your party without competition from other guests. Order In Advance One large time-saver is to put your order in before you arrive. This will allow the pizza place to make sure they have the ingredients needed to make the food you wish to have. You will also have the option of having some more exotic pizzas, if wanted. If you let the pizza parlor know in advance that you want to try a certain meal or topping, they will be able to order from their food supplier to make sure they have the ingredients on hand to make specialty items. Ordering in advance will also allow the pizza place to put on extra staff if your party is very large. Bring Your Own Place Settings Let the pizza place know that you are going to bring your own paper place settings to help keep their dish washing minimal. Many establishments will appreciate this gesture and you may be able to get faster service if there is no need for the pizza place to put out settings for many people. Pick out something appropriate for the team, such as a congratulations or baseball theme. Set Up Decorations Go to the pizza place early to set up some decorations around the area you will be using. Make sure you have tape for wall hangings or to tape balloons to the chairs. Bring along a trash bag so you can take down all of your decorations when you have finished the...

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3 Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Dishwasher

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Your dishwasher is probably an underappreciated appliance in your kitchen because it doesn’t produce food or store it for later. All it does is ensure that you have clean dishes on which to serve the food. However, without the dishwasher, your restaurant would not be able to function efficiently because you couldn’t serve the food unless you had someone manually wash all of the dishes, a huge task. In order to ensure that your dishwasher remains functional at all times, consider these three maintenance tips. 1. Check the Filter Every 20-25 Cycles The filter is what keeps any unwanted food particles from going down your drain. It is important to check this regularly because if the filter is clogged, then water will not be able to leave your dishwasher easily and you will end up having your dishes sitting in dirty water for an extended period of time. This completely negates any cleaning that you may have done beforehand. In order to keep this from happening, thoroughly clean the filter every 20-25 cycles. This will allow you to not have to spend a ton of time on maintenance, but will still make it easy for you to keep your dishwasher working efficiently. If you notice water build-up, however, check the filter earlier. 2. Clean the Spray Arms and Nozzles The spray arms and nozzles are the main reason why water can be applied all over the dishes and ensure that they stay clean. However, these parts of your dishwasher can also become clogged. At the end of every day, you should make sure that you thoroughly clean out these parts. This will keep the cleaning solution from building up and for food particles being sprayed back onto the plates. If you notice that the spray is weaker than it should be, or more concentrated than usual, consider cleaning the spray arms earlier. 3. Hire a Professional Even the best employees can’t keep a dishwasher totally clean. Because of this, you need to hire a commercial maintenance professional to clean your dishwasher. If you have a professional come in twice a year to tune up your dishwasher, you can be sure that you will be able to extend the lifespan of your dishwasher for as long as possible. For more detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions, consult your owner’s manual. Some dishwashers will have specific actions you can take to make sure that they remain...

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6 Sweet Ways To Display Your Cupcakes

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Cupcakes have become incredibly popular for birthday parties, showers and even weddings. That’s because they are individually sized, fun to eat and versatile enough to fit any theme. How will you display the cupcakes at your next party? Here are 6 ideas: Clear Champagne Glasses Buy clear plastic champagne glasses with a wide top. Pour colorful candies into the bottom, and then place a cupcake on top.  In Flower Pots Cupcakes make great flower substitutes. You can buy terracotta pots made specifically for baking cupcakes. Simply frost the tops in a rose pattern or top with sugar flowers when they are cool.  You can also make a cupcake bouquet by placing a Styrofoam ball into a bucket, vase or flower pot. Put cake decorator’s sticks into the ball, and top each with a pretty cupcake. Use enough so that the cupcakes look like a collection of flowers bursting out of the container.  Doll Stand Start with a 3 tiered cake stand or cupcake stand. Place a doll torso on the top layer. Drape the doll torso and all of the cupcake stands in loose fabric to make it look like the doll is wearing a dress. Place color coordinated cupcakes on the stand to look like embellishments on the doll’s dress.  Make a Monogram Use cupcakes in two contrasting colors and simply arrange one color in the shape of the first letter of the name of the birthday child, the first letter of the married name of the bride to be or any other letter or number meaningful to the party. Then place the other colored cupcakes around the monogram.  In “Dirt” Make a cute display for cupcakes with a flower or a bug theme by filling a pan with crushed chocolate cookies and chocolate pudding. Place each cupcake in the “dirt’ and top with a sugar flower, a candy bug or a gummy worm. You could also use frosting to make the cupcakes look like carrots, strawberries or other delicious food that grows in a garden. Create Your Own One fun way to use cupcakes at a children’s birthday party is to let the guests decorate their own. You provide the naked cupcakes, several bright colors of frosting and a variety of candies to place on top. It’s a snack and a fun activity rolled into one.  There is no end to the fun you can have with cupcakes. You can make your cupcakes even better by placing them in creative displays. To learn more, contact a company like Glamorgan Bakery with any questions you...

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