If you’re trying to make healthy food choices, you might avoid restaurants for a while since that can be a source of trouble for some people. But when your friends and family keep inviting you out to eat with them, you eventually can’t keep avoiding the restaurant scene. Many dieters are afraid to head out to a Chinese buffet because they fear that they’ll give in to that “all you can eat” mentality. The truth is that you can eat a healthy meal at a buffet without overeating, and it’s easier than you might think.

Visit the Website

Before your night out, check out the restaurant’s website. Many have a menu posted, so it’s easy to get a good idea what types of foods are going to be on the buffet. A quick browse of the different options should help to reassure you that you’re not going to be starving yourself at dinner. If necessary, make a list of dishes that sound like something you’ll enjoy. If you’re not sure which options are healthiest, look for descriptive terminology. Fried foods or sweet dishes are likelier to be higher in calories, so they should be crossed off your list.

Start with Soup or Salad

Instead of diving right in, start out with some soup or salad. Both can be healthy options, and a salad is a great way to make sure you get your vegetables in right away. Soup is very filling, and the typical choices available at a Chinese buffet are low in both calories and fat. Some choices that you might see include miso soup, wonton soup, and egg drop soup. Sip your soup slowly and wait a few minutes before you head to the buffet.

Pick Wisely with Main and Side Dishes

Once you’re ready to head up to the buffet, look for the dishes that you chose originally from the menu. Stick with main and side dishes that have plenty of vegetables and less sauce. Also make choices that are less likely to be fried for the best results. If you feel that you’ll be missing out if you don’t try some of those foods, then make sure that you only take small helpings. That way you get a little taste of the foods that you enjoy rather than an entire plate.

Go Natural with Dessert

It may seem unusual for a Chinese buffet to offer fresh fruit for dessert, but this is not uncommon. Other options can include much unhealthier choices, such as cakes and soft-serve ice cream because these are easy to serve in a buffet setting. Fresh fruit is an excellent choice for dessert and it adds into your fruit and vegetable servings for the day. If you combine that with the salad you had before the meal, you should be quite full and of healthy items, to boot.

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