Most people are familiar with the favorite traditional pizza, slathered in marinara sauce, covered in gooey cheese, and topped with delicious toppings like pepperoni or mushrooms. The Greeks have their own version of this all time favorite dish, and while it’s very similar to a regular pizza, it has some very distinguishing characteristics of its own. Here’s some more information about Greek style pizza and what makes it so special.


While some of the toppings you will find on a Greek pizza are somewhat traditional, these ingredients are specifically Mediterranean in flavor and have a delicious Greek flair all their own. Some examples of what you will find on these pizzas are salty Kalamata olives, feta cheese, gyro meat such as lamb, sliced tomatoes, and onions. Another distinguishing feature of Greek pizza is that in most cases, there is no tomato sauce on the crust. Instead, it is usually brushed with olive oil and maybe sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. This allows the main toppings to really shine through and highlights their taste. 


A Greek pizza’s crust is made in a very different way than many other pizzas. The crust is usually baked in a pan rather than right on the bricks inside a brick oven or directly on an oven rack. The crust itself is baked in a shallower pan than you might find in a deep dish Chicago style pizza crust. The pan is coated heavily with olive oil and comes out of the oven very chewy and more closely resembles bread. It’s a bit oily, but this actually helps to enhance the pizza’s overall flavor. If sauce is added to the crust, it’s usually comprised of crushed tomatoes with plenty of chopped oregano. While some Greek pizzas will have cheese on top other than feta, it’s usually a cheddar and mozzarella blend. 

Making Your Own

You can make your very own Greek pizza at home using simple ingredients. For the crust, simply mix flour, salt, dry yeast and olive oil together until it forms a dough. Let it rise and then bake it in a shallow pan coated with olive oil for about fifteen minutes at 375 degrees. You can add almost any topping you like including crushed tomatoes, crumbled feta, spinach, and a combination of black and Kalamata olives. You will be pleasantly surprised at the new and exciting difference in flavor that Greek style pizza has to offer.

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