If you are the coach of a kid’s team, and the season is coming to an end, you may want to do something fun to celebrate and say farewell to great teammates. Consider hosting a pizza party at your favorite pizza establishment to celebrate the accomplishments your team has done for the season.

Here are a few tips for you to use to make sure your party goes off without any problems, with the pizza establishment in mind, allowing your team to have a festive time while enjoying a favorite meal:

Make Advance Reservations

Although you could probably walk in the door and get seating for a large group, it’s best to make advance reservations. Many pizza establishments will have a private room or secluded area in their restaurant, giving your group some privacy while allowing you to enjoy the time you are spending together without disturbing other customers. 

Call and ask if there are any specials available for larger groups and see if there is a time preference for the best service. Setting the time before or after normal dinner hours will allow the pizza place to cater to your party without competition from other guests.

Order In Advance

One large time-saver is to put your order in before you arrive. This will allow the pizza place to make sure they have the ingredients needed to make the food you wish to have. You will also have the option of having some more exotic pizzas, if wanted.

If you let the pizza parlor know in advance that you want to try a certain meal or topping, they will be able to order from their food supplier to make sure they have the ingredients on hand to make specialty items. Ordering in advance will also allow the pizza place to put on extra staff if your party is very large.

Bring Your Own Place Settings

Let the pizza place know that you are going to bring your own paper place settings to help keep their dish washing minimal. Many establishments will appreciate this gesture and you may be able to get faster service if there is no need for the pizza place to put out settings for many people. Pick out something appropriate for the team, such as a congratulations or baseball theme.

Set Up Decorations

Go to the pizza place early to set up some decorations around the area you will be using. Make sure you have tape for wall hangings or to tape balloons to the chairs. Bring along a trash bag so you can take down all of your decorations when you have finished the party.