Cupcakes have become incredibly popular for birthday parties, showers and even weddings. That’s because they are individually sized, fun to eat and versatile enough to fit any theme. How will you display the cupcakes at your next party? Here are 6 ideas:

Clear Champagne Glasses

Buy clear plastic champagne glasses with a wide top. Pour colorful candies into the bottom, and then place a cupcake on top. 

In Flower Pots

Cupcakes make great flower substitutes. You can buy terracotta pots made specifically for baking cupcakes. Simply frost the tops in a rose pattern or top with sugar flowers when they are cool. 

You can also make a cupcake bouquet by placing a Styrofoam ball into a bucket, vase or flower pot. Put cake decorator’s sticks into the ball, and top each with a pretty cupcake. Use enough so that the cupcakes look like a collection of flowers bursting out of the container. 

Doll Stand

Start with a 3 tiered cake stand or cupcake stand. Place a doll torso on the top layer. Drape the doll torso and all of the cupcake stands in loose fabric to make it look like the doll is wearing a dress. Place color coordinated cupcakes on the stand to look like embellishments on the doll’s dress. 

Make a Monogram

Use cupcakes in two contrasting colors and simply arrange one color in the shape of the first letter of the name of the birthday child, the first letter of the married name of the bride to be or any other letter or number meaningful to the party. Then place the other colored cupcakes around the monogram. 

In “Dirt”

Make a cute display for cupcakes with a flower or a bug theme by filling a pan with crushed chocolate cookies and chocolate pudding. Place each cupcake in the “dirt’ and top with a sugar flower, a candy bug or a gummy worm.

You could also use frosting to make the cupcakes look like carrots, strawberries or other delicious food that grows in a garden.

Create Your Own

One fun way to use cupcakes at a children’s birthday party is to let the guests decorate their own. You provide the naked cupcakes, several bright colors of frosting and a variety of candies to place on top. It’s a snack and a fun activity rolled into one. 

There is no end to the fun you can have with cupcakes. You can make your cupcakes even better by placing them in creative displays. To learn more, contact a company like Glamorgan Bakery with any questions you have.