When people generally think about Chinese food they conjure up images of sweet and sour chicken served over rice or broccoli and beef served over rice. Give up the rice the next time you go to a Chinese restaurant and try one of the delicious authentic noodle dishes.

Wuhan Noodles

Wuhan, or hot-dry noodles, can be eaten for any meal of the day. They are traditionally served as a breakfast food in China. These noodles are served hot (hence their name), but they are generally not spicy. Each noodle strand is thick and muscular. It is slightly clingy, but not sticky at all. They are most commonly served with sesame oil, sesame paste, salted chilies and scallions.

Liangpi Noodles

Liangpi noodles are also known as cold-skin noodles. Don’t let the name fool you; there are no animal products in this meal. This dish is known for its rainbow of flavors. A single dish could be described as tangy, spicy, nutty, herbal, sweet, savory, moist and chewy.

There are different varieties of Liangpi, but all of them are cooked in a hot chili oil. Other ingredients that may be used in the preparation include: black sesame paste, garlic, vinegar, bean sprouts and julienned cucumber slices.

Qishan Shaozi Noodle Soup

This soup is a delicacy in the Guanzhong region of China and is served at special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. You may also see this on the restaurant menu as Saozi noodles or Saozi Mian noodles.

The soup is made with pork, tofu and a variety of vegetables, which could include potatoes, carrots, eggplant, and bean curd. This soup is going to have a slightly sour taste to it, and it will be slightly spicy as well. The noodles should be very thin and easy to slurp.

Shanxi Noodles

Shanxi noodles are known for being knife-cut. That means that the chef has a ball of dough in the kitchen and will cut your noodles for you right before they are cooked for your meal. There is no specific uniformity in the noodles. As they are boiled or fried they become like ribbons that are frilly and frayed.

Westerners often associate Chinese food with rice dishes, but Chinese people actually eat a lot more noodles. Try the noodle dishes the next time you go to a Chinese restaurant, like Rose Bowl Restaurant, and you will find yourself transported to a whole new world of taste and texture.