Catering an event is a great way to get delicious meals and snacks without having to prepare them yourself. The caterer is responsible for preparing enough food for your invited guests, providing a variety of foods for guests to choose from, and even offering waiting services. If you are planning an event but are worried about the cost, these tips will help you reduce the price of your catering.

Know What You’re Paying For

When you are first deciding on the catering company to handle your event, one of the most important things to know is what exactly you’re paying for. Some caterers price an event based on the food and drink that will be served, while others also include their waitstaff, service, and rentals within the price. If you find a caterer that offers the same price for everything as another that offers that price for the food and drink alone, then you know which one is going to be the better deal.

Consider Asking a Friend Chef

If you have a friend that is either a professional chef or enjoys cooking in their spare time, ask if they would be willing to do some basic catering for you. While this is not ideal for a large and prestigious event, it is definitely a good option for a small holiday party or home function. With these types of events, you don’t have the time to cook all the food yourself since you’re hosting, but you also don’t have the budget for professional caterers. A friend or relative is a great alternative.

Be Honest About Your Budget

Good catering companies understand that everyone has a different budget, and they want to work with you. When you first contact a caterer, be upfront about what your budget is, what you want to serve, and how many people there will be. They will try to work with you so they can provide their services within your budget. They may ask that you take over the serving portion of catering on your own or change the menu slightly so that you can get delicious food that isn’t too expensive.

Choose a Seasonal Menu

When it comes to the menu, there are many different options available, and those options will vary how much you are paying. If you live somewhere that has inexpensive seasonal vegetables or fruit, that is a great place to start. By choosing produce that is currently in season where you live, you can save a good deal of money on the final catering bill.

When considering catering from a company like Soups Sandwiches & More, remember these tips so you can help the service help you.