When it comes to pizza, you’ve likely got your favorite toppings already picked out. Whether you are a cheese lover or desire your dish smothered in greasy, delicious meats, pizza can be made in so many decadent ways that even the most picky taste buds can find pleasure in this classic meal. If you are up for trying something new, check out these super healthy pizza toppings you haven’t tried yet, but will absolutely fall in love with once you do. You won’t even have to feel bad for eating more than one piece.


If you like your pizza more on the veggie side, then this topping is right up your alley. Arugula isn’t just for salads, it goes great on your pizza as well, and adds a spicy, fresh bean flavor to your favorite cheesy dish. Sprinkle on a bit of fresh Parmesan and cracked black pepper (or a dash of vinaigrette), and you can take your veggie pizza to a whole new level of delicious.

Pine nuts

You can bring any pesto-based pizza to life by adding the crunchiness of pine nuts as a topping. Sprinkle on a light layer of ricotta and goat cheeses, and add raw pine nuts to your tasty dish. If your meal lacks flavor, toss in some roasted garlic or artichoke hearts for a bit of pizza pizzazz. You’ll love the flavor so much you’ll forget that your meal is mainly healthy.

Mesquite chicken

Pizza doesn’t have to be all vegetarian in order to be healthy. Mesquite chicken is full of savory flavor that goes great with any pizza, be it layered with tons of cheese or topped with lots of your favorite veggie toppings. Forgo the sausage and pepperoni and go for the chicken to give your pizza a totally new taste. Throw in some spinach leaves and fresh Asiago cheese for a rich flavor that you can’t beat with any meat-infused pizza.

Don’t forget the sauce!

Your pizza sauce can be changed up as well to give you a whole new blast of flavor. Consider these delicious saucy alternatives:

  • garlic and butter
  • olive oil and Italian herbs
  • barbecue sauce
  • creamy light ranch

You can stick to your favorite cheese and toppings and give your pizza a new taste simply by trying a new and wonderful sauce. You’d be surprised how amazing your favorite pizza can taste just by trying something new.

Pizza can be made into a whole new dining experience simply by adding some new toppings, or even by trying a new and delightful sauce. Consider any of these sauces or toppings to give your pizza a new decadent flavor next time you visit a pizzeria like Cosmos Pizza & Pasta.